Little Newborns ( 4day- 15 days old)

This session typically lasts about 3-5 hours in your own home using props and poses to show how tiny and precious your little prince or princess is. The first two weeks of their lives when they are the smallest is such a precious time as they grow so extremely quickly, even after just two weeks they have changed a lot. So capture this time and get these early days to keep and to treasure for the rest of your life. Also images from these sessions are great for making Christening/baptism invitations, birthday invitations and new arrival cards for family and friends.

Baby Session

Outdoors on location or in your own home with or without props to capture your baby in his or her happy environment. My aim is to capture your child as they are with their personality shining through.

Family Sessions

The family photo shoot will typically last around 2 hours. This can be in your home or on location or both if you desire. Choice of clothing is important and I will help you decide on the best outfits for your session in advance. This can be whatever family members you choose. Could just be you and your child, your child on his/her own or you could choose to add in cousins or Grandma and Grandad! Entirely up to you!


Being pregnant is such a short and precious time in your life. Its hard to remember what its like to have a bump when it’s suddenly a baby you have. So this is why I encourage ladies to go for this session. Remember how beautiful you are while carrying your little one. We can do this in your home on at a gorgeous location like a beach, park or woodland or countryside area. Wear clothes that flatter you as well as shooing that gorgeous baby bump of yours. If you like, please include your partner in some of the photographs too. These images will be ones you treasure forever.

Boudoir, Beauty and Fashion

You don’t need to be thin, young or supermodel perfect. You are beautiful the way you are and these images will make you believe it too! I aim to make them tasteful, sophisticated and if you like seductive. We all have body hang-ups but these should not prevent you from booking this session as I will photograph you in the most flattering way and you will have a constant reminder of how beautiful you can be.

If you would also like your make up to be done this can also be arranged, otherwise come as you are, with a few outfits you feel confident in and lets make some beautiful images for yourself or your partner or perhaps a morning gift for your wedding or an anniversary gift your husband.

Adult Professional

Need a new professional profile picture? We can together make the perfect one for your career choice. Choosing the best outfit and environment to suit you and your profession in a suitable environment.

Product Photography

If you have any products for sale, or photographs for a website to be done, I also have experience in this area. We will make a natural set up to show off the products in its best and creative environment and help increase those sales.